About us

Inorsen N.V. is the trade name of Green Solutions Aruba.

Which is registered at the chamber of commerce of Aruba with the number kvk 40866.0
And bankaccount# 2456480190 at Arubabank

Example content image using the class .alignleft the founder of this company  “ Mr.  Incoe Martinus”  who has a bachelor degree in science and an high school degree in electrical installation has build his own solar installation at his home.

He reduced  his electrical consumption from Elmar N.V. For over 80 % with a 2.5 kW solar system and other energy reducing components for example led lights and other products.

He wants to share his knowledge with the people of Aruba and help them reduce their energy consumption from Elmar N.V.

Inorsen .N.V  Wajaka 200 Aruba (AUA )
Phone: 297-56-47336, Cel: 297-56-30255

E-mail: gsaruba@hotmail.com, i.martinus@gsaruba.com